Hair Scissors Best Hair Cutting Scissors 440

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  • Convex Razor Sharp Blades
  • Adjustable Screw to adjust your desired smoothness.
  • Material: Stainless Steel AISI 440-C
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Hair Scissors Best Hair Cutting Scissors 440

 Professional Hairdressing Scissors

  • Size: 6 inch (excluding hook)
  • Convex Razor Sharp Blades
  • Adjustable Screw to adjust your desired smoothness.
  • Material: Stainless Steel AISI 440-C
Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 1 cm
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14 reviews for Hair Scissors Best Hair Cutting Scissors 440
  • Bryan (verified owner)

    The design, materials and finish of the shears are excellent and equivalent to standard models of JP brands costing more than twice the price. Convex and angle blades are in perfect alignment throughout cutting length, sharpness and fit are excellent. I only made a minor adjustment to tighten action with the key tool provided (prefer a minimum gap for precision cutting). After two days of use I found these are comfortable to use. If the performance holds up after a couple of months I will probably buy a couple of more pairs for rotation. One important point is these are sized for Asian hands and do not use inserts, so people with thick fingers might want check one set for fit before buying multiple pairs, fit my large hands/slender fingers perfectly but might be a bit tight for man with thick finger/thumb. For reference, thumb hole is 22mm x 20mm, pretty standard for JP shears. Chinese brand, Japanese steel.

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  • Camden (verified owner)

    I’m not a professional hair stylist, so I can’t compare these to professional shears. I would not be surprised if people who cut hair for a living invest more and get better tools – they should since their livelihood depends on it. I needed something that I could use to trim my own hair swiftly and easily during the pandemic. Hopefully, I will not have the opportunity to see how long these last. For my purposes, they were plenty sharp and comfortable to use, and the price was reasonable.

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  • Roy Baty (verified owner)

    These seem like very fine scissors. That said, if you are planning to have a man use them, good luck. The finger holes are so small my husband can barely get his fingers in past the fingertips, and he’s a thin guy. So much for him giving me my plague haircut.

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  • Bad Haircut (verified owner)

    I had read a review that stated the blades did not come together but that did not make sense to me. Bought these and gave my hubby a haircut or rather I attempted too, now I understand that the blades don’t match up well. I will keep them and use for cutting out articles etc.

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  • alice dicroce (verified owner)

    Not much more to say, they simply don’t cut. I’ve been using thinning shears for years and with these, if the angle isn’t just right, and even if it is, they bend the hair rather than cut it. Useless.

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  • whitespider552 (verified owner)

    I like these scissors alot. I cut my own hair and my husband used my other scissors for something and made the blades messed up so I looked on here for a pair and I definitely love these. They come in a nice zippered case and 2 extra pair of colored finger grippers that you attach inside where the fingers go. Blue,green and black. These scissors are comfortable to hold. Not too heavy and just enough weight to them to do the job. Good price for them. Definitely purchase if your looking for a good hair cutting scissor.

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  • Skube (verified owner)

    These scissors are sharp and I think that will last, but I found the blades thick and unwieldy; they aren’t easily maneuvered and hard to use. Barber scissors that don’t readily slip between thin layers of hair, no matter how sharp, just don’t do the job. I am very disappointed..

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  • MomOf3Blessings (verified owner)

    They are sharp but they blades dont come in contact at all. so the sharpness is useless.

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  • fatmonkey (verified owner)

    I didn’t get a chance to use them. I had to return them because it was pretty tight on my thumb. And I have small hands. I was a bit disappointed as I had searched a long time for a good pair of hair scissors, and these got good reviews 🙁

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  • JL (verified owner)

    Now that I’m cutting everyone in my family’s hair, I’ve used this scissors about 7 times and it cuts smoothly though all hair types-thick, thin, straight. No one has curly hair in my family but the blade is precise and sharp, it should have no problem going though any hair.

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  • DaisyDee (verified owner)

    I like these a lot and how they feel! However they cut small sections of hair vs larger sections. Overall for the price the quality is good and I feel these are more cosmo shears.

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  • Erik (verified owner)

    Nice quality

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  • shannon frances (verified owner)

    Great quality, cuts right thru the hair with out pushing it. Very comfortable for me, I have small hands. Really great value.

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  • SunDiegoErr (verified owner)

    Look and feels like a really expensive set. Only used it a couple times so far, but so far so good.

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